Aws in some stages, but not in others?

I’ve got multiple stages setup, one called Test and another called Deploy running on trusty VMs. When I debug/run jobs in the Test stage, they all have the awscli available in a local lib folder:


But jobs running in the Deploy stage don’t have the same directory.

Is this an automatic VM configuration by Travis?

Ok. It’s not an automatic configuration, we’ve done this to ourselves. .local is our pip install folder and we have it listed as a cache. But, looking around at other threads, any job or stage called Deploy will not use the cache. So, the images that boot up for testing have awscli cached, but the deploy images do not.

So the question becomes, can we use that cache during a deploy job/stage?

Build stages do not share storage at the moment.

they more or less do with the ability to share the cache