Are Suggests of Suggests dependencies not installed?


Tagging @jeroen and @jimhester as per Travis build report.

I am trying to restore the deployment to gh-pages with pkgdown for the repository
The repository hold a Bioconductor package “iSEE” with vignettes, and it is owned by a GitHub organization of the same name.

As far as I can see, I have set up the keys properly on both Travis and GitHub.

> travis::use_travis_deploy()
ℹ Querying Github deploy keys from repo.
ℹ Getting environment variables for `iSEE/iSEE` on Travis CI.
→ At least one key part is missing (private or public). Deleting old keys and adding new deploy keys
  for Travis CI (`.com`) for repo iSEE to Travis CI and Github
✓ Added a public deploy key to GitHub for repo `iSEE`.
✓ Added environment variable for `iSEE/iSEE` on Travis CI.
✓ Added the private SSH key as a deploy key to project `iSEE` on Travis CI as secure environment
  variable `TRAVIS_DEPLOY_KEY`.
✓ Added the public SSH key as a deploy key to project `iSEE` on Github.

In the build ( I can see that TRAVIS_DEPLOY_KEY is set (line 770).

$ export TRAVIS_DEPLOY_KEY=[secure]

However, when pkgdown::deploy_site_github() is called at the end of the Travis build, it fails to find the deploy key:

Deploying application
Error: No deploy key found, please setup with `travis::use_travis_deploy()`
Execution halted
Script failed with status 1
failed to deploy

Furthermore, GitHub key settings confirm that the deploy key was “Never used”.

I don’t know if it’s important, but I can also see that the “Preparing deploy” section is empty (line 1126)

Aside from the Travis and GitHub documentation, there is one thread (e.g. that suggests that deploy keys can be more difficult to set up for organizations.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

I just found this thread that describes a workaround:

In particular, it led to a PR: