API /v3/build/:buildId inconsistent time format


The purpose of this topic is to ask for clarification on a date format inconsistency on the /v3/build/:buildId endpoint.



As it can be seen the updated_at value has a date format that includes milliseconds, while all other dates do not. This may present some troubles for some JSON parsers.

The question is: is this behavior intended?

Thanks for the report. This looks like a bug to me. We’ll take a look soon.

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For the record, if you use the JavaScript method to convert a date in JSON using the method toJSON of the class Date (the documentation is here), you will obtain a string with milliseconds: 2019-10-24T16:08:19.467Z

As I can see from the source, they use two functions to format dates: format_date (outputs without ms) and json_format_time_with_ms (outputs with ms). (Both use strftime.) Basically, they need to decide which of the two formats they want to use.