Allow repositories to specify where `.travis.yml` should be found



I’d like to keep repository free from CI configuration noise.

e.g. Appveyor CI allows to provide an URL to YAML config on project settings in Appveyor GUI.
It’s great also for other reason, as that way I can easily share common config among projects that require same setup.

Is there any way to achieve that with Travis CI? If not, is it somewhere on a roadmap?



also ask for different locations for looking for the configuration file.


I would very much like if .travis.yml could be moved to a subdirectory of our choice.

Note that this topic (which we were redirected to from github issues) seems to conflate two different requests:

  • [1] Specify local pathname to travis.yml. Depending how implemented, renaming .travis.yml to travis.yml can be the same feature. (this is my request).
  • [2] Host travis.yml externally (aka possibly set a web url instead of the local pathname), this is what OP requested (I pesonally don’t need this, but it could be seen as an extension of [1]. Arguably [1] without [2] is easier to implement).

Thank you.