Add ability to specify what time of day a cron job is executed

While we do not execute cron jobs more than once a day, it is reasonable to specify what time it should be executed (subject to other considerations; that it has not run in the last 24 hours, for example).

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@BanzaiMan @jesskie Has there been any development on this topic? I still am not finding a setting to configure the time-of-day for a CRON job.

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The same issue. Any hints on how to be able to define precisely at leats an hour?

I really don’t get what you guys think when you create a so half-backed functionality and don’t iterate anymore

November 2021 and we’re still unable to set a cron job at a specific time…

We likely will have no choice but set up CircleCI or similar instead without this feature. Certain actions happening outside of business hours is a requirement for us.

+1 . Would love to see such a feature, instead of just daily/weekly/monthly. The only hack right now is to check the day of the week and use very long sleep() intervals :stuck_out_tongue: