Where to find the grammar for the .travis.yml?

I know that there is the
and that the grammar analogue of the YAML-formatted .travis.yml document format can be derived from there, but it’s kind of scattered around the whole documentation. I would like to get a concise EBNF-style grammar description of the configuration file, the .travis.yml. Otherwise I’ll have to spend quite a lot of time on trial-and-error to find out, which of the correctl YAML files actually qualifies as a valid .travis.yml.

A wizard would be awesome or even some

based wizard-like solution would be nice for generating at least some intial .travis.yml template.

Thank You.

There is no such grammar because the code just reads whatever data from the parsed YAML as it needs to. So you can put anything into the .yml; anything that the code doesn’t read will be simply ignored.

Thank You for the answer.