Where is julia/lib located when using the windows OS in travis?

I’m running into some dependency problems with GZip in a windows pipeline, and it looks to be because zlib1 is missing.

Please see this related post. Full output with a stacktrace is here.

I saw in a solved issue here that downloading zlib1.dll and placing it in julia/lib did the trick. Could someone let me know the full path of julia/lib in the travis?


According to https://travis-ci.org/Circuitscape/Omniscape.jl/jobs/612073548#L31, the interpreter is installed into C:\julia, and /c/julia/bin and ${TRAVIS_HOME}/julia/bin are added to PATH. So it should be (system-wide) /c/julia/lib or (per-user) ${TRAVIS_HOME}/julia/lib.

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate the help. I’ll try the fix in the github issue and download the dll file to /c/julia/lib.