Visual Basic build failing if there is a space in a solution file



I am trying to run a build on a VB.NET application which has a space in its name. When there is a space in a solution file and Travis CI is trying to build, it fails with the error message in MSBuild command stating that it can’t use a solution file that has spaces in it.

Here’s the offending project link:

What can I do so the build completes successfully? I don’t want to rename a solution file.


Does anybody know?



Just moved this to the appropriate forum (just created.) As Visual Basic is community maintained, I’m going to ping @Joshua-Anderson :slight_smile:


It looks like we just need to escape the solution name in places like here to prevent it from getting evaluated as multiple arguments.

As a temporary workaround, you can just manually specify the script and install keys of your .travis.yml file, as opposed to using the automatic ones.