TravisCI support for pipenv?

Our python-nubia builds are currently failing at our call to pipenv:

Pipenv found itself running within a virtual environment, so it will automatically use that environment, instead of creating its own for any project. You can set PIPENV_IGNORE_VIRTUALENVS=1 to force pipenv to ignore that environment and create its own instead. You can set PIPENV_VERBOSITY=-1 to suppress this warning.

Pipfile.lock is corrupted, replaced with ()…

I think this means that the requirements in the Pipenv.lock file are not being installed.

I found an article or two on the subject on other websites, with various provided work-arounds (e.g., but no mention of Pipenv in the TravisCI Python help?

What is the correct / supported way to handle pipenv in Travis?

It looks like pipenv does support working inside a Travis-created virtualenv, and the problem is in your Pipfile.lock. Without seeing the build, it’s impossible to say anything more.

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