Travis UI should escape strings properly, have ability to encrypt values

I’ve wasted a couple hours on this already and I’m getting really frustrated. I have a fairly complex string full of a bunch of random characters and the documentation does not tell me enough information to know how to escape the string properly and I keep having issues. For example if I have \n in the string is that already escaped or should I escape it to \\n? Which “special characters” are special and need escaping and which don’t?

Or more importantly why should i have to escape this at all? It makes no sense. Why doesn’t the web UI just take whatever I give it, escape it automatically for me?

After failing to find the right way to escape my string I next went to try to use the ecryption api to just encrypt the whole value instead and that makes me have to install ruby and download a whole tool and take multiple steps to get some authentication key and… wat. Please for the love of pete simplify this.

Why can’t i just put the value into a field on this UI and press a button and boom out comes my encrypted string. This is so simple I don’t see how people are surviving like this.

This is in the web ui for AppVeyor, please add something like this:

This finally helped me: