Travis skip fails

I want to skip some commits. so as the document stated, I add “[skip travis ci]” to the commit massage.
But it failed.

As the document said the syntax should be [skip KEYWORDS] or [KEYWORDS skip]. The keywords are including: ci , travis , travis ci , travis-ci , or travisci.

But without any explanation about the difference about them. I have to try to figure it out. That sucks.
At last I have to add ci and it works. I wonder if there are any explanation about this anywhere?

Sorry, complain here. But the docs are really not clear. This is not my first.

Could you point to the build that ran even when you had the skip comment?


you mean the link to the build? No, it is internal use. But can you understand my situation or I missed anything that confused you?

Do you mean that you are reporting issues with Travis Enterprise? If so, please contact Enterprise support. It is possible that your installation is too old to contain this.

On and, [skip travis ci] works.

As for the documentation: I am sure you would agree that, if there were differences in these magic comments, such differences will be noteworthy and they will be explicitly stated in the documentation. The fact that they are not mentioned means that there are no differences.

yes, I guess so. Because, now [skip ci] works for me.Because I found the matrix expansion got problems too. How can I find the version of it by myself?

This is a tough question. The component responsible for reading the magic comment is not open source and therefore you can’t read it. Your Travis Enterprise administrators on your site are the best bet.

Yep, I have asked him. I will let you know this. But as I see from the travis page, the stage is in beta version. Does this make any sense? Or it is in beta?

Hi, the version is 2.2.6. It is new or old to use?

Hi, any comments?

I’ve confirmed that this version does not have this functionality.

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Thanks for the confirmation.