Travis is downloading older Chrome versions in place of chrome: stable

Suddenly today (approx 25 minutes ago) our builds started to download an older version of chrome. This causes chrome driver to fail.

We are using the following in our .travis.yml
chrome: stable

This had been working fine:


Is this being worked on or is it an unknown problem or change needed in our config? The issue is that this fails all the tests now.

Im not sure if this is related but if i try manually installing chrome i get this error:

Any Suggestions Please? We are totally stuck now.


I’m seeing the same, and having the same issue with Chromedriver.

First, you are downloading chrome: beta in the failing job. (

Second, (I actually found it by searching the raw log for “chrome”):

dpkg-deb: error: archive ‘/tmp/google-chrome-beta_current_amd64.deb’ has premature member ‘control.tar.xz’ before ‘control.tar.gz’, giving up

Means that dpkg cannot understand the package’s format.
Since xz is a newer format than gz, this most likely means that dpkg is too old.
I.e. that Google has dropped Trusty support in its Chrome .deb packages, and you need to migrate to Xenial or Bionic.

The Chrome version that you see further on is presumably a preinstalled one.


I’m trying to get confirmation (e.g. from Google) but I believe @native-api is right: Google has dropped Trusty support for Chrome with the latest release today.

As mentioned, the best suggestion would be to try to run your builds on Xenial instead with

dist: xenial

in your .travis.yml file.


Thanks @dominic and @native-api. Using xenial seems to work. I only needed to change

dist: trusty to dist: xenail

Two follow up questions:

  1. Any problem using this on our open source builds? I see this from that reference page link:

Please note that Xenial is available on our hosted fully virtualized infrastructure. If you are running an Enterprise installation, please reach out to to see how you can use the Xenial Docker images.

  1. Is there a VM that that mimics this for docker i should use? We need this for visual image regression tests when creating them for development.


@tmcconechy Glad to hear switching to Xenial helped. Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. You can definitely use Xenial for your open source builds on both and This is what we mean when we say “our hosted fully virtualized infrastructure”. In fact, it’s now the default distribution too:

  2. Since we don’t have a container-based infrastructure anymore, we unfortunately don’t provide equivalent Docker containers like we did in the past. If it helps, you have the option to connect directly to the VM using our debug mode feature. Take note that this needs to be enabled manually by us for open source repositories. Just reach out to support [AT] travis-ci [DOT] com if needed.

Hope this helps!

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