Travis fails to execute my script

I just started to work with Travis in order to build and deploy a python-based application on windows. Based on the documentation I could read, I derived the following .travis.yml file:

  email: false
 - os: windows
   language: shell
    - choco install python3
    - choco install nsis
    - .travis/"

and my .travis/ file just contains echo ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR} for testing purpose.

When pushing and triggering the build, the two choco commands are correctly executed but travis fails with running my script. It ends up with the following error:

$ .travis/"

The command ".travis/"" exited with 1.

Done. Your build exited with 1.

/c/Users/travis/.travis/functions: eval: line 109: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'

/c/Users/travis/.travis/functions: eval: line 110: syntax error: unexpected end of file

Would you have any idea about what is wrong with my setup ?

For some reason, the unmatched " inside {} is not captured by the shell parser. This is where shell parser can be further improved in my opinion.

Try deleting half of your code from the bottom, if the syntax error goes away, then it is in this half. If the syntax error is still there, the problem in the upper half, this is the algorithm I use in real-life scenarios.

If the problem in the latter half, undo the delete. Repeat this process. You can narrow down to a smaller size to find the source of the problem.

When deleting code, you have to delete a whole section of code. For example the whole function.