Travis CI ignoring apt addon

I think Travis is ignoring the apt addon in this buld: Maybe I am doing something wrong, but can’t see it. Any ideas?

dist: Xenial” is incorrect, should be dist: xenial.

The addon’s code is checking that and a wrong case is causing it to think it’s an unsupported distro version.

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Thank you so much!

The check should be normalized. (but it currently is not.)

I’d rather say the case should be normalized (or enforced) in build configuration when generating it from YAML rather than convert it every time that field is retrieved.

That said,

  • There’s no problem in the values being case-sensitive. .travis.yml syntax is very consistent in using lowercase for all special constants – and they all are are also shown in the documentation in the correct form – so the case is very unlikely to cause problems. This is the first (second, tops) time I see a user having a problem with it
  • If we normalize case for some fields, we’ll need to properly test all such cases
  • If we officially allow case-insensitivity, we’ll have to keep it working that way – complicating things for us for no real gain as per above

So I suggest we rather check a enum value against the known constants at configuration validation stage (which I believe is already being done in that beta feature) and fail the check if it’s not one of those.