Suddenly many "apt-get install" timeouts?

On one of my projects that has long been building well, there has recently been a surge of 10-minute timeout failures when running “apt-get install”

The specific line failing is:
travis_retry sudo apt-get -y -qq install octave liboctave-dev

The failures are apparently random, but happen more than half the time: either it installs in about 1.5 minutes (as has always been the case), or else it stalls out past the 10-minute timeout, killing the build and making our project look unstable. I’m running with trusty, and nothing has changed in the build script, but this just started happening over about the last week.

Has anybody else encountered something like this, or have any idea how to resolve this issue?

See We believe this issue is resolved at this time.

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This is happening to us again now, is this automatically monitored?

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