Somewhat misleading documentation on Conditions



The documentation on Conditions mentions tag = true which does not seem to work in reality. The tag IS present is what does seem to work as a condition. However, the documentation is not clear as to when to use what and so forth, which is slightly confusing and also misleading.


The = operator checks for equality. So,

if: tag = true

means that this build is against the tag named true, which is probably not true.


Ok, I see - my tag does not have the name true. @ BanzaiMan, I believe you are a TravisCI committer, if so a suggestion to avoid this confusion would be to update the docs with tag = bar or something like that. When someone says true and the discussion is around boolean comparisons, they would assume you refer to the boolean value of true instead of a string.


You can also suggest documentation changes by clicking on the " Improve this page on GitHub" button on the upper right corner of the page, if you wish.


Done. See here and here.


Thank you!