Sometimes build fails when apt is updating postgresql apt repository

I’ve sent the build link to the travis ci support email!

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This problem has resurfaced. Things that buildt af few days ago, now get this error, without anything new being pushed. VERY Anoying

@Lars-m Sorry to hear this is happening again.

Could you share with us an example of a build that shows the issue?

If it’s a private build, you can send it over to support [AT] travis-ci [DOT] com .


This is the build that failed:
Right now it’s OK, because I added the hack given ealier in this thread.
sudo apt-get update || true

Hi all,

I’m getting this too here:

Is there any indication as to why the error is so intermittent?

On option on the Travis side that has not yet been mentioned here yet is to implement a proper mirror using debmirror. Running that hourly while avoiding the xx:17 “cron.hourly” sync window would fix the problem.

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I’m recieving the very same error for one of my projects on bionic today.

hitting this today

All of my projects are running into this issue today.

This issue caused a lot of excitement: I use TravisCI to auto grade coding assignments for one of my classes. There was a lot of panic when everybody’s builds started failing at once :slight_smile:

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The problem was back again around lunchtime today:

The problem seems to persist, even after the patch!

e.g. or

But as a special side fact, succeeded at the same time …

We’ve made another try to fix this issue yesterday by deploying

Could you tell us if you are encountering this issue again from now on?

Thanks again!

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