Skip deploy for a specific job


I’m trying to skip the deploy step for a specific build job (along with other steps), but instead of skipping, the config is expanded to try and deploy using a provider called ‘skip’.

build with the issue here:


      install: skip
      script: <the script to run>
      before_deploy: skip
      deploy: skip

expanded config:

        "install": [
        "script": [
          <script to be run>
        "before_deploy": [
        "deploy": [
            "provider": "skip"

That’s… confusing

So to confirm, it’s not possible to skip the deploy step in included jobs and this is working as intended?

It is possible

  • with a condition on the global deploy clause that would be true for all jobs except this one
  • by overriding the inherited deploy: clause with a DIY no-op deploy clause like
    provider: script
    script: true
  • It would probably also work if you put an empty deploy: clause into the job (checking at shows that it should)
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