Show test results for prospective merge of a PR

An issue that we’ve run into with MDN’s browser compatibility data is when a pull request has a passing test, but changes to the tests on the master branch aren’t merged into the pull request, therefore causing it to fail once it’s merged. I’m wondering if there is a way, or any plans for one, to configure Travis to show test results of a pull request based upon the prospective merge. In other words, it would be great to have it show the results after it gets merged into the master branch.

GitHub provides the means of updating the test branch before merging. Please use that.

We used to keep things up-to-date all the time, but for active repositories with many open PRs it would mean generating a lot of builds every time a change is pushed to the base branch. It is not practical.

Well, that’s the problem. Nobody would expect to merge from the master branch in a pull request if everything’s working perfectly without. I feel that it would save a lot of time fixing changes.