Selective Travis authorisation

I’ve tried going around Travis/GH menus and documentation, but I cannot find a way to control the granularity of users access to the repositories of an organisation.

My situation is this: I’m collaborating to the github repo of a GH organisation (in GH, I own it). That is the only way I’m involved in that organisation, understandably they don’t want to grant me too many organisation-wide rights (manage other repos, manage the organisation, etc).

Is there a way for them to give me the right of seeing that repo only on Travis, including running job manually and automatically?

So far, I could only manage to install the Travis app for another GH organisation that I own (using it to check what an owner sees) and decide which organisation’s repos are visible to Travis (rather than all). What I haven’t got yet is if there is a way to say “this user can see this repo only”.