`script:` section in `.travis.yml` is ignored when `install:` section is empty

I found my script: section in .travis.yml being ignored and blame it on providing an empty install: section.
The paradoxical error message was

No DESCRIPTION file found, user must supply their own install and script steps

making me feel being fooled with.

I discovered a workaround by accident: putting a bogus instruction into the install: section, like an echo statement.

The canonical way to make a no-op command section is skip.

Leaving it blank substitutes/inherits the default logic for the languagewhich is what produces the error message.

So maybe the “default logic for the language” is broken if it ignores my script: section!?
This is why I am reporting the bug.

It doesn’t ignore the script: section, the build just errors before it gets to it. See https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/job-lifecycle/