Running phpenv runs rbenv instead

Starting yesterday, running phpenv in our build script now seems to run rbenv instead, see

which has

$ phpenv --version
rbenv 1.1.1-39-g59785f6

Can someone please look into this?

Looks like rbenv being called is actually expected as the wrapper from is used. The root cause for phpenv global 7.1 not working anymore seems to be that the new Xenial image now has PHP 7.1.19 installed, and 7.1 does not work as an alias for version 7.1.19 (anymore).

Bottom line, using phpenv global 7.1.19 instead of phpenv global 7.1 fixes the issue for me.

Thanks for posting your issue and your workaround.

We had a look and we acknowledge that the symlinks that allowed to specifiy 7.1 to get the recent PHP 7.1.x aren’t setup properly on our Xenial image. You’ll need to specify the full version for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We’ll update this post when it’s fixed at the image-level.

Thank you for your patience!

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We’ve been hitting this exact issue (phpenv runs as rbenv) with the Travis Focal image: log at

phpenv --version
  rbenv 1.2.0-8-ga76c4aa

Note that this occurs for both:

phpenv global 8.1.6
phpenv global 8.0

Please advise. Thanks.

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