Restart build with updated config imports

Is it possible to start a new build of the same commit in a way that recreates the config, including updating imported configs? It appears that the config imports stay the same when I use the “Restart build” button.

The current workaround is to push meaningless commits, which isn’t so bad, but also isn’t ideal. I understand why there might be reproducibility issues here, but it would be nice to have some sort of shortcut for this.

Context: I have a set of Travis configs that handles my release process. I realize that for a new project, I need to update those configs. It would be nice if, while debugging the updates to the config scripts repo, I could just re-run the build for the release, including updating the config scripts.


(In that example build, the issue is that the config script imports other config scripts, and I fixed the second layer of imports, but forgot to tell the first layer to import from the current branch instead of master. A commit in the config scripts repo fixes it, but I see no way to use that without pushing another commit on project being released.)

It looks like close/reopen the PR does what I’m looking for. It would still be nicer if there was something in the Travis UI to accomplish this!