Resource not found (or insufficient access)


I am trying to use TravisCI API to get the result of the builds. When trying to get the build details or even branch details, I get
@type”: “error”,
“error_type”: “not_found”,
“error_message”: “resource not found (or insufficient access)”
I do have access to the travisCI account as I can login through UI and restart job or do other tasks.
Assuming my token is also correct as I can use the API to get my user details. Just the API for getting the project related is not working.
Following document:

I would appreciate anyone’s help.

Try retrieving this info with the API explorer. It makes actual requests with your token as shown so you can check if what you are doing is the same.

Not neccessarily: access to your account info is probably not restricted while to your builds is.

If this doesn’t help, please provide reproduction steps (e.g. a link to a build), can’t say anything concrete otherwise.