Removing Draft doesn't trigger Travis

Removing Draft status from a Pull Request didn’t trigger a Travis build. It has been 9 hours since I marked it as ready for review.
I understand that Draft PR’s aren’t triggered as being “WIP” but removing Draft status and marking is ready for review should trigger Travis.

PR link:

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Looks like marking the PR ready is not firing the event we anticipate. Closing and reopening the PR should trigger the build. But we need to look into this deeper.


@BanzaiMan any update on this? I am seeing this with for example my PR - I think that draft PRs should be built ( see Draft pull requests not being built ) but I removed draft just so travis would build it.

As @BanzaiMan mentioned, I’m afraid this is part of the behaviour connected with how draft PRs work, they trigger an event when the draft PR is open or if once it’s flagged ready, a new commit is pushed, but there’s no extra event triggered after it’s flagged as “Ready”.

We’re looking into building draft PRs as soon as they’re open to ensure that once they’re flagged as “Ready” they’re already tested.

In the meantime, closing and reopening the PR or pushing a new commit, should send an event to trigger a build.

Thanks @srl295!

EDIT OK, got it @MariadeAnton - thanks! Looking forward to building draft PRs.

I’ll leave this here for comparison…
at while this PR was still in draft our Jira checker , and the (just for comparison!!) appveyor and azure builds happened on the draft PR: (I can’t paste a link to it, but the green checkmark on the commit in the prior link) - and once it was taken out of draft, the travis build started. edit BECAUSE new commits were added. I’ll do the same for mine…

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I saw this behavior too, I had to close and reopen my draft PR.