Remotes::install_github fails

In my latest mkin build

installing a package using the configuration

  - saemixdevelopment/saemixextension@master

fails with

Installing R packages from GitHub: saemixdevelopment/saemixextension@master

$ Rscript -e 'remotes::install_github(c("saemixdevelopment/saemixextension@master"))'

Using bundled GitHub PAT. Please add your own PAT to the env var `GITHUB_PAT`

Error: Failed to install 'unknown package' from GitHub:

  HTTP error 401.

  Bad credentials

There is nothing about me having to generate a PAT in the docs, and I think it should not be necessary, as the Rscript command shown above works whithout issues on my local machine. The github repo is public and freely accessible.

Edit: I should mention @jeroen and @jimhester

I found via this blog article that I can easily generate a github personal access token with no special privileges. I did this and added it as GITHUB_PAT environment variable to my travis project. Now remotes::install_github works again, yay!