Recurrent Scala build environment regression around sbt-extras (Download failed. Obtain the jar manually)



In I just saw

0.25s$ sbt "+ test"
Downloading sbt launcher for 1.2.7:
    To  /home/travis/.sbt/launchers/1.2.7/sbt-launch.jar
Download failed. Obtain the jar manually and place it at /home/travis/.sbt/launchers/1.2.7/sbt-launch.jar
The command "sbt "+ test"" exited with 1.

This is a really old bug of sbt-extras that was fixed in May of 2016 (, since sbt 1 launchers are no longer published to

For some reason, sbt has been working ok so maybe there’s some other process that’s happening to grab a later version of sbt-extras, but it seems to periodically revert back to this one.

Side note


There are two pending pull requests:


I think this was actually caused by my removing language: scala from .travis.yml by mistake:

The odd thing is that language: ruby that the build fell back to still contained sbt but just a stale version of one.


The confusion comes from the fact that Travis CI includes old version of sbt-extras in travis-cookbooks -

Could we just remove it from cookbooks, so if you don’t specify language: scala it will just not install any sbt, extras or otherwise?