Python: on python images is other than standard on official python images is lacking standard functionality documented on the official python docs and available on standard python installations.
Specifically: the function site.getsitepackages does not exist.
Any help on that?

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When reporting problems, please include relevant build URLs. Thanks.


Confirmed the problem in a clean environment.

Is it related to


Seems an issue with virtualenv? :frowning_face:

This is a problem with Virtualenv. It affects environments created with a Virtualenv that belongs to a Py2 installation.

It looks fixed in the latest Virtualenv 20.0.4 (checked locally in Windows and Bionic; Github has broken down – any requests that make changes produce 500 – so can’t check in Travis now).

@BanzaiMan you need to check all Py3 archives and rebuild those that have under virtualenv subtree.