Python 2.7 - OSError/Errno 40 - Too many levels of symbolic links

The exact error is (Source):
OSError: [Errno 40] Too many levels of symbolic links: '/opt/python/2.7.15/lib/python2.7/config/Makefile'

The only thing I did was drop a text (.patch) file in a completely different directory then what is being compiled (or is even part of the package being built on Travis-CI). The build before it worked perfectly, but Python 2.7 runners appear broken (pypy27 has no qualms):

Here is a screenshot of the same tests all being ran less then 24hrs ago without the .patch file (outside of the entire build directory) having not been updated and things worked fine (the failing one below is what this ticket is for):

Here is a link to the commit that broke Travis CI’s (Python v2.7) runner on me.

No matter how many times I run the runner again, it just fails on the same error:

Any advice would be great! :slight_smile:

I did an audit of the issue, it seemed it might be plausible when you were attempting to make those builds you didn’t have enough credits to complete the build as requested.

I would say re add TOXENV=py27, and try the build again.