Problem with OSX + Python

Our project over here fails with this on OSX:

/Users/travis/.travis/functions: line 105: 2192 Illegal instruction: 4 python test

It stems from this PR. Do you know how to solve this? I know OSX + Python is not officially supported for some reason but you wanted errors to be reported nonetheless (see here).

This is probably due to the python binary file. You are using 3.7-dev, which is most likely not the 3.7 release (of any version). We have not compiled the mac archives in months (if not years). At the moment, we have no plans to resume compiling them. It is best to remove these rogue archives, so as not to confuse users.

Oh, that’s very sad. We will probably remove it from our script then …

FTR I’ve posted how to efficiently install Python from the official website by yourself: MAC version not working in python

P.S. I saw you running test there. FYI it’s highly discouraged by PyPA and it’s better to just invoke the testrunner (pytest).