Problem installing gcc on macOS with homebrew/incompatibility with oclint

Following the discussion in would it be possible to not pre install oclint on macOS using homebrew ?

As discussed in the issue, in the documentation of oclint, it is said that it also needs to uninstall on ci-travis to install it (cf. so there is really no point to have it pre installed a priori and it breaks/has broken a lot of tests where we install gcc.

PS: I add this issue here since the issue on GitHub has been automatically closed and it was said that you will now look at issue on this forum.

Thanks for opening this issue. I think we will remove oclint silently at run time before any other brew operations run, so that other more important tools can be used.

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The above is now deployed.

Thank you ! And just out or curiosity, why can’t you remove it completely ? Meaning why do you have to install it and then uninstall it ?

(It is really out of curiosity ! Thank you for your time anyway :slight_smile: )

It is there on the build image. Re-provisioning the build images is either very difficult or impossible (because things have changed since they were provisioned the last time).