Override the cabal step?

Hi all, the haskell image runs a step that I can’t seem to control called “cabal” where it runs “cabal update”

But I am using cabal 2.4 and the correct command is “cabal new-update”. Is there a way to override this?

Hello, there.

At the moment, cabal update is hard-coded in the setup phase

which takes place before any of your customization takes place.

When you say cabal new-update is “correct,” do you mean that cabal update is problematic? If so, in what way?

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yes, cabal update is problematic… more recent versions of the cabal program recommend that to use new-update instead. This will swap back to update after some grace time, but we are transitioning right now.

How “problematic”? Does your build fail if cabal update is used? Can you, for example, run cabal new-update in before_install without ill effects?

If possible, I would like to leave this up to the tool to resolve, especially when the stated plan is to go back to cabal update at some point in the (hopefully not-so-distant) future.

the build will fail unless I do an explicit cabal new-update as a workaround.

Where can we find the definitive reference to this new subcommand, and the plan to morph it into the standard update command?

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