OS Support - Haiku

Any thoughts on adding support for a new operating system?

Haiku (https://haiku-os.org) is an x86_64 operating system licensed under the MIT license, and has stable drivers for most of the “important things” in a cloud environment.

  • virtio network / disk
  • 10Gbit network
  • NVMe

From a software standpoint, Haiku also supports a large number of things travis-ci is likely to use in automation around ci:


  • ssh / openssh
  • posix shell
  • python 2 / python 3
  • ruby
  • c / c++
  • openjdk

Haiku is also available via Vagrant boxes and several other distribution mechanisms.

The request was raised for this because i’m kind of blocked getting Haiku support integrated into Rust until their CI can bootstrap Haiku.

Flipping through the code…

  • travis-api needs to know about os ‘haiku’
    • travis lint submits the manifest to travis-api for lint
  • travis-build needs to know about os ‘haiku’
  • the golang worker that runs on haiku needs a few tweaks.