Os: osx - which Xcode version for which r version - or wrong download link?


I started adding osx testing to my project at https://github.com/Exp-Micro-Ecol-Hub/emeScheme and prompt got en error for r: developers because of, I assume, a to told xcode version I had chosen (I am now using xcode10.1).

Are there any guidelines, which one one should choose for which r versions?


I just discovered, that the problem seems to de a different one, as I get the following error:

The command "eval curl -fLo /tmp/R.pkg https://r.research.att.com/el-capitan/R-devel/R-devel-el-capitan-signed.pkg " failed. Retrying, 2 of 3.

Is the file name wrong, and should be





I think you’re seeing the same problem also discussed here: R-devel-el-capitan-signed.pkg fails to download when testing on R devel

Setting up the includes/excludes in the build matrix like you did sounds like the right idea to me.