Openjdk8 on Bionic

According to, Bionic comes with openjdk8 preinstalled, and the default JVM is openjdk8.

However, the build fails with:

Expected feature release number in range of 9 to 14, but got: 8

Does Bionic not come with openjdk8 preinstalled? If so, the documentation should be updated to reflect it.


Another user has written a documentation update for this (waiting for Travis team approval).


But why does the bionic image’s install_jdk not work for openjdk 8? Bionic itself has it packaged:


The Travis team should really consider adding openJDK8 support, since it is already inside the Ubuntu image and still mandatory for Android projects!

This would help to get around the old Android cookbook and could be a used as a new base image for future language: android VMs.


I also need OpenJDK 8 on the Bionic image. It is needed for Android development.

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What is the position of the team about it ? Is there a plan to consider adding it or it’s excluded ? Knowing the final decision would help some issues to progress. Thanks a lot.

Add one more to the pile, please add openjdk8 support!

This was a nasty surprise when we tried to update our base image to bionic. Please re-enable openjdk 8 on bionic.