Nvm: command not found when running openjdk build


I have this Java project, where I need to run some nodejs stuff
In the install phase, I run: nvm install 14
but this raises an error: nvm: command not found
what am I missing ?

Hey @ericvergnaud,

Is there anyway I can see your .travis.yml setup?


Travis CI Staff

I was doing that from the Java code
doing it from .travis.yml works

Hey @ericvergnaud,

Check your .bash_profile , .zshrc , or .profile file. You most likely had a problem during the installation process.

You should have the following at the end of one of those files (the bash/zsh profiles).

[[ -s $HOME/.nvm/nvm.sh ]] && . $HOME/.nvm/nvm.sh

You can also check to see if you even have a .nvm folder, it’s quite possible you don’t.

ls -a | grep .nvm

If you’re missing the .nvm file just run:

git clone http://github.com/creationix/nvm.git .nvm. Then re-run:

ls -a | grep .nvm

See if grep actually finds it.