Non-stop Travis failures "No output has been received in the last 10m0s"

Hello All,
It has been an ongoing saga with Travis Customer support and we have emailed them probably 20 times if not more. Unfortunately our Android builds are sporadically failing every day and we are not getting any help from Travis. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this error? Is it memory issue on Travis side? Is it gradle setup issue?

No output has been received in the last 10m0s, this potentially indicates a stalled build or something wrong with the build itself.
Check the details on how to adjust your build configuration on: Common Build Problems - Travis CI
The build has been terminated

Hi @kdoudkinsciaps,

Do you have the build job URL by chance?

The failure happens every day sporadically. After re-starting the build, it usually succeeds. Just to give you some ideas - here is a build that failed yesterday and I sent the info to Customer support

Travis CI - fixed after restaring.

They recommended replacing dist: trusty to dist: focal but after that we got another Travis failure - unable to install Java

Thank you for helping!

Hi @kdoudkinsciaps,

I see that the builds are passing now. Can you confirm this?

They are now. Do you know if anything was fixed by Travis team for our use case? Or we just got lucky today?

Here is another example of the failure from yesterday - I’ll keep it in the error state in case if you want to look at it:

Hi @kdoudkinsciaps,

Yes please I’ll be looking at this more in-depth.

Thank you! Here is a link to today’s build failure: