.nojekyll not deploying

I build documentation using Doxygen and then use Travis deploy to push it to my gh-pages branch.

Doxygen generates files with leading underscores. Jekyll processing on gh-pages will ignore these files, unless it is turned off by the presence of a .nojekyll file, which I create here:

The file seems to be committed and pushed with all of the others by deploy, but it does not actually show up in gh-pages.


The commit removes the empty file instead:

How do I get deploy to push an empty file? Or, do I need to add a character in it?

It looks like you are creating .nojekyll in the current directory (which is /home/travis/build/acgetchell/CDT-plusplus) rather than in the actual directory that you are syncing to gh-pages (/home/travis/build/acgetchell/CDT-plusplus/docs/html/).

Yes, that was it.

Thank you!