"No such file or directory" on script

Hi there,

I have the following repository that I’m trying to build on Travis,

It has a “script” folder that contains a “cibuild” file which is my Jekyll build script. I’ve used this with a number of projects. Same script etc…

In the travis config, I have the following,


  • chmod +x ./script/cibuild

script: “./script/cibuild”

The chmod command appears to run successfully, but the script call fails with “No such file or directory”. Any idea what’s going on? I can execute it locally with the same command without issue.



I just changed my travis config,


  • ls script
  • chmod +x ./script/cibuild

the output from the first command proves that the file is on the server where I expect it to be.

I have a way forward for now, I moved my jekyll build command into the jekyll config. I don’t know what the preferred method is but it’s building the site now.

Your ./script/cibuild appears to have been created on a Windows machine, and it has an extra \r on each line. So, when you execute ./script/cibuild, env tries to find bash\r, which does not exist.

You can either invoke ruby, or fix the line endings.