No indication of failure reason in in OSX build

Hi all,

My newest build passed cleanly on Linux and Windows (on Appveyor), but fails on OSX on Travis. This failure generates no logs in the R CMD Check Fail logs; in fact, it looks like the test suite never runs at all. There does appear to be a failure in the examples (namely, base::assign(".ptime", proc.time(), pos = "CheckExEnv"), which I don’t recognize from my code but might be hiding somewhere) listed under R CMD Check logs. Would this prevent the test suite from running, and should it appear in the fail logs section?

Restarts haven’t seemed to help this, and the only other forum post I see on this topic (Build fails and there is no error (OSX)) doesn’t apply, as best I can tell.

Link to the build:

Thanks! seems to tell you something, no? Did I miss something?

So I’m used to seeing output underneath that step that indicates where the failure may have come from: . This one doesn’t have that, which strikes me as odd.