.net core project stop working

Hi all, unfortunately, .net core stop working, but I didn’t change any config details. The following is an errror:

The command “sudo apt-get install -qq dotnet-sdk-2.1” failed and exited with 100 during

Build: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence
Repository: https://github.com/ddydeveloper/SpbDotNet_Merge_Errors

for other .net core repos the same problem, but works as expected, for instance, for VueJs project

It seems travis infrastructure error or, maybe .net core projects approach was changed, but a couple of hours before it used to work. So the error a little bit confusing

We are having the same issue with multiple repos/builds. Manual build restarts have been done, but with no effect. Seems like an infra issue.

Edit: Also Error today when running net core builds