Modern GHC for osx build?

I am trying to build a Haskell project on osx but it it fails with the message No such ghc version ‘8.8.3’. The parallel build on linux works just fine.

Is there a fast way to add GHC 8.8 on osx?
Of course I can just use homebrew to install it but due to the recent problem with Unknown command: bundle I had to use update: true which makes the build unbearably slow (~3x times slower).

Is there anything I can do add more modern than default 7.10.3 GHC to osx build?

UPDATE: In fact even 7.10.3 fails on osx.

I don’t remember a time when we developed Haskell support with macOS in mind; the travis_ghc_install function that installs ghc is based on apt, and as such it works only on Ubuntu.