Merge_mode key not taking effect when triggering custom build from UI

As exemplifies, “merge_mode”: “replace” did not seem to take effect and actually replace the “jobs” entry in the config (the prod config’s “jobs” were still ran, as the merged YAML config shows). I believe that setting the merge mode in this way worked for me in the past –– has something changed?

If there is no way to set the merge mode from the Web UI such that it actually does take effect?

Hey @drfreund,

Have you read this?

I have, and it pertains entirely to triggering custom builds via the API, correct? My question is about the Web UI.

The web UI does not have a means of specifying the merge mode at the moment; only branch, message, and config. If you want to change the merge mode, you need to make the API call by a different method (curl, for example).

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