macOS Catalina Build Environment

Currently Travis offers Xcode 11.0, 11.1, and 11.2 build environments, but all of these are running on macOS 10.14. This works for most projects, but won’t work for building Catalyst apps on macOS, or using any of the new frameworks added in 10.15 like Combine. Are there any plans to roll out an environment based on macOS 10.15 to fix this?


Any answers for this?

Any news about this ?

We’re building framework including mac Catalyst support, which is required to use macOS 10.15, not Xcode version.

Hope for this get supported soon. I remember the last year (Xcode 10.2) get with macOS 10.14 support at the same time. But this year, (Xcode 11.2) does not get with macOS 10.15 suport.

I also have a need for this.


macOS Catalina support will be released in the middle of December.

Thanks all!


I cannot help but notice we’re well past the middle of December, with no apparent progress on this. Is there an update? Should I take the lack of a mention of December and what year as concerning?


I would love an update on this as well. I would like to be able to use Filesystem from C++17 via Clang, but they require macOS 10.15 while Travis Xcode 11.3 only provides macOS 10.14

It would be great to have Catalina supported. Our project crashes on OS X 10.15 but works well on <= 10.14. We need a CI that supports Catalina to reproduce and fix this, as none of us wants to upgrade our own Mac to 10.15, which is known to have quite a few compatibility issues. A lot of users are asking us to fix that. Thanks so much!

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Well it would be nice to already have Catalina. We have some OSS that uses Combine thus requires Catalina :man_shrugging:

We need support for testing on Catalina on the open-source project git-secret, too.


When you said middle of December, and neglected to mention the year, did I misinterpret your message? Can you please clarify when this will be available?

I guess there’s a fine print somewhere that reads: “*Valve time!”

I would like to have Catalina support as well. Because i like to use std::filesystem. Are their new informations?

Also checking on macOS Catalina status.

In particular, vcpkg has a regression and does not work with earlier versions of macOS anymore.

@mustafa Alright, so are there any real updates on this or is no one working on it?

+1 I’m also interested to know this. Thank you to those involved for any efforts so far

Hey folks,

We are extremely sorry about the delay for Catalina release. You can now build on Catalina with the xcode11.4 version.

Happy Buildings!