macOS Catalina Build Environment

Currently Travis offers Xcode 11.0, 11.1, and 11.2 build environments, but all of these are running on macOS 10.14. This works for most projects, but won’t work for building Catalyst apps on macOS, or using any of the new frameworks added in 10.15 like Combine. Are there any plans to roll out an environment based on macOS 10.15 to fix this?


Any answers for this?

Any news about this ?

We’re building framework including mac Catalyst support, which is required to use macOS 10.15, not Xcode version.

Hope for this get supported soon. I remember the last year (Xcode 10.2) get with macOS 10.14 support at the same time. But this year, (Xcode 11.2) does not get with macOS 10.15 suport.