Mac xcode 9.4.1 hang and fail on no output after 10 min, was there an update that cause it?


We recently start seeing issue with XCODE 9.4.1 builds,
it get’s stuck right after the “make image” step.

Any change on travis-co may have caused it?


Hey @Nir-Az,

Could you please share a log, or your .travis.yml? This would be extremely helpful for me to diagnose the problem and solve it for you.


I updated my travis.yml file to use “xcode12.2” and it’s OK now.
If you still need to investigate the issue here is a link to a build that got stuck trying to use xcode10.1.

As I understand travis-ci do not support macOs 10.13 anymore, consider changing the defaults…

Warning: You are using macOS 10.13.


Hey @Nir-Az,

Okay that confirmed my question. I’m glad it’s okay now - I will investigate further as well. I appreciate your logs.

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