Log are truncated when my script exits abnormally

When builds fail, the logs are truncated and I can’t debug why the build has failed. It has started to happen a couple weeks ago. Here are the examples:


Both failed builds have only part of the logs.

You are setting the errexit option in your jobs:

So the first command that exits with nonzero status will terminate the job immediately. I suggest not doing that.

Thanks for pointing out to that!

You are setting the errexit option in your jobs:

Yes, this is actually a workaround to bug in Travis – https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-ci/issues/10480

I didn’t suspect that errexit might be a cause as there is no error and also the logs got truncated. It seems like there is an issue on Travis side, perhaps, stdout/stderr aren’t flushed/get written when a script exits abnormally.

This is exactly what happens, except it’s not an issue, it’s the intended behavior: your script is not supposed to terminate the active shell (or rather, Travis’ build logic is currently incapable of continuing normally if it does and no-one knows how to fix that).

Your scripts’ commands are executed in the same shell that runs all the build logic, with eval – this is required so that your changes to execution environment persist. The build logic relies on the internal function containing the above-linked code to return normally every time to be able to do its work.

As a workaround, you can trap 'travis_terminate 1' ERR (this is an internal function that the build logic calls at the end and on some fatal errors to flush the remaining logs and correctly terminate the logging facility). But since this is internal functionality, there are no guarantees that it works in every case or will continue working for any amount of time. In any case, no build logic that normally runs after a build error (e.g. saving the cache) will fire.

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