Build logs being truncated, only available in full after a significant amount of time

This build succeeded, but the log is truncated part way through the build process:

The really interesting thing is I was watching the build output as it ran, and there was quite a bit more output; the build step had completed and the tests were running. Then the output froze (no output for 30+ seconds, when I knew the step that was running at the time should only take <1s) so I reloaded the page, after which I only could see the log truncated to where it is now. The raw log seems similarly truncated so I have no idea how that happened, wrt my being able the see the output as it ran but not afterwards …


Good news / bad news

After 10 minutes or so I reloaded the log and now the entire output is there!

But for whatever reason it took some significant amount of time after the build had finished before the entire log was available. I have never seen this happen on the x86 builds.


I can confirm that this happens all the time on .com and .org and makes it impossible to debug a build cause I only see the ssh link after I canceled the build.
This is by far the biggest issue with arm64 on travis right now.

I have also several builds without logs.

It’s a x86 build.

@CGarces I can see the log on the link just fine.

Ummm logs like the logs after visible after some time.
I haven’t noticed that is mentioned by @randombit
" it took some significant amount of time after the build had finished before the entire log was available"

There have been many other reports of this happening on GitHub. See

I have a similar thing happening on my end in Firefox and Chrome.

If you haven’t, take a look at the github issues pages linked above. It looks like variations on this theme have been happening since 2017, with various solutions attemped.

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I randomly started having the same problem today. It’s been about an hour, and suddenly the job logs are working again.