Large number of "node_modules/**/*.js already exists, no checkout" log messages

After the deployment step, Travis seems to do a git stash and this is generating a large number of log entries which is causing a “The job exceeded the maximum log length, and has been terminated.” error.

The log messages are generated after my deployment scripts are executed. Is there a way to turn off this “git stash” log?

Example here:

(cc @j3ko who posted a similar question some days ago)

I ran into this problem recently as well. From what I could tell there is no way of turning off these log messages. My workaround was to reset the working directory to a fresh checkout state (ie. delete node_modules, dist, build etc…) after you have finished deploying. If there’s no changes to stash, no log messages are generated.

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Add skip_cleanup: true to the deploy: entry to prevent Travis from doing git stash.

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