Issue with Python 2.6 on Linux

Since today, we are encountering the following issue in Travis runs on our Python projects (using Ubuntu 16.04 on Linux):

2.6 is not installed; attempting download
Downloading archive:
$ curl -sSf -o python-2.6.tar.bz2 ${archive_url}
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
Unable to download 2.6 archive. The archive may not exist. Please consider a different version.

See for example this Travis log:

We are fully aware that Python 2.6 is no longer supported by the PSF, and we have removed Python 2.6 support from our package in its next major version (not yet released). However, we don’t want to remove Python 2.6 support from the current fix release of our package and would like to continue to have Travis support for Python 2.6 so we can test fixes.

My question is: Is Python 2.6 still supposed to work on Travis?

If you need 2.6 support, you need to stick with Trusty.

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But, just out of curiosity, Python 2.6 still worked with Ubuntu 16.04 a couple of weeks ago:
So what has changed?

The default dist changed recently.

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Ah. I did not notice that. That explains it. We’ll pin the distro version to trusty then, for the Python 2.6 tests. Thanks much for the help!