Is it required for you to put the preinstalled libraries of python in requirements folder (such as NumPy, Math, args)


sorry for all the questions, fairly new to travis, as we are on the startup plan, some of these questions I can’t really find anywhere so as topic says, is it required for me to list preinstalled libs of python in requirements.txt in .travis.yml file?

Modules that are apart of Python’s standard library such as os, sys do not need to be listed in your requirements.txt file, although you still can.

If we are talking libraries that are not from the Python standard library, you will then need to list these libraries. Something like args (as listed in your thread title) is third party, so you’d have to run:

pip install args

Putting args in your requirements.txt essentially does that for you, along with any other module that isn’t apart of the Python standard library. I hope this clears your question up. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like. That’s why I’m here for.

Please take a look at this to look at Python’s standard libraries.